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Quang-Tuan Luong is featured in this sweet photography app

Take a break from the Angry Birds marathon for a second and download more than 3,000 stunning national park images from photographer Quang-Tuan Luong. Beyond the terrain that’s been captured in each image, you get map data, national park links and image captions. I don’t know a ton about Luong, or anything really. But that doesn’t matter. I know the guy is damn good at capturing some the coolest places on earth. And that $4.99 for this many hard-to-describe-in-a-blog-post photos is worth every vista.

Surfing and skating once again mesh with mid-wave kick-flip

Just as the Z Boys used surfing to influence the creation of modern skateboarding, surfers are reaching out to their wheeled brethren for new ideas and antics in the line-up. The two sports pretty much exist in a perpetual state of mutualism, feeding off of one another for new influence and stoke. For example, Santa Cruz’s Zoltan Torkos landed what many believe to be the first kick-flip done on a surfboard. Obviously, he needed a pretty small egg shape to pull it off. But just wait, as with most “firsts” in the surfing world, it won’t be long before someone is kick-flipping a 10′ Yater.

NBC Bay Area has more information about the trick, which now may make him eligible for a $10,000 award offered by Volcom for the first person who could do it. That would buy a lot of fish tacos.