What do we think we know about plastics?

There was a time, just recently actually, when I didn’t think much of the BPA issue. More fear marketing, I figured. Plastic bottles, of course, being the primary subject of concern, even though plastic is everywhere. E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. So I read a little more about it.

Now I m trying to rid my lifestyle of any BPA-infused plastics. That ain’t easy. My friends offer me water all the time in bottles. The parking lot at the airport hands them out free as you pay to exit. Conferences line them up on welcome tables, hotels place them on the little refrigerator and grocery stores put them on special when it’s going to snow here in the south. It’s like trying to eat healthy at a Christmas party. No one is going to let you not use plastic.

Maybe this documentary will help.

Backpacking the urban wilderness

WiFi sign

Camp here.

There really is two forms of backpacking. There’s going into the woods with base layers and white gas stoves and there’s this kind, which involves crashing in hostels and then Tweeting about it. Whereas some navigate by mountain peaks and topos, they have WiFi signs and bus routes.

This isn’t any sort of anti-technology rant—hell, this is a blog, hello?—but more so my awakening to the fact that you don’t necessarily have to find yourself above treeline to learn the joys of having everything you need to survive on your back. The subjects of that article simply carry equipment according to their enviornment, which is what every good backpacker should do.

For Sale: Quaint, historic hide-away with wooded lot. Perfect for anarchists, manifesto negotiable.

I’m all for getting away to the woods now and then, especially when the e-mail, news scrolls and “Doing something with the Stars” reality bits get too much to take. But this guy took it to a new level.

That’s right, the Unabomber’s Lincoln, Montana stronghold is on the market. Minus the cabin, as it turns out empty cans of Spam and years of society-hating rage can only load-bear for so long.

Snark aside, the price ain’t bad at $69,500. I like to flyfsh, so there’s a benefit. And there is plenty of wilderness. Oh, should one want to, the grid is right nearby. Imagine what Kaczynski would’ve been like had he been able to read The Drudge Report?

Probably a lot like its current readership, come to think of it.

Have a look at the listing.