Slater, ten titles in pictures

Kelly Slater in Huntington Beach, CA

Dude, your hair

ESPN (yes, ESPN) has a pretty slick celebration in photography of Kelly Slater’s career, even going back to the 80s in Huntington with his older brother Sean, both sporting an outstanding representation of the “in” haircut and of course, board style.

It’s been said that Pele was better at soccer than Jordan was at basketball or Jim Brown was at football. So where in the hierarchy of sports does that leave the winner of ten ASP world titles?

2 thoughts on “Slater, ten titles in pictures

  1. Kelly is an amazing athlete for sure but comparing his achievements to those of Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong is kind of unfair. I mean in golf, basketball and cycling (and nearly every other sport) the “playing field” is stationary whereas in surfing that playing field is constantly moving and contorting over reefs and sand bars creating the need for complete and total focus of the surfer..

    Tiger knows the fairway and green at a particular course are always going to be the same so he has the luxury of practicing his shots over and over again under the exact same conditions, allowing him to hone his skill perfectly. Surfing however, is 100% dependent on the conditions of the weather and ocean and even though it’s 6 feet and offshore, no wave ever breaks in exactly the same manner so practicing moves with any consistency is nearly impossible.

    When you consider that and that some of those waves are capable of taking the surfer’s life with one wrong move, Kelly’s 10 world titles really dwarf anything Tiger, Lance, Pele or (insert standout athlete here) has done.

  2. Those are some great points I haven’t considered before. I completely agree. Sports that take on the environment are immensely more challenging than those with fixed rules and controlled environments.

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