Hurricane season heating up; Earl now a Cat 4

Hurricane Earl track as of 8/30

It's on in Florida

Earl has been guzzling the warm water juice over the last couple of days and pumped himself up to a Category 4. And by midweek, he’ll be full bore up the east coast with most models showing that a near miss is the most possible scenario for most of the major seaboard metros.

Most of the recognized surf breaks look to get pretty blown out throughout the storm’s primary window with some brief episodes of overhead glass come the early weekend in Outer Banks locales like Frisco and Buxton.

In Florida though, it’s a different story. Sebastian Inlet looks like the locals will be guarding the fortress from Friday a.m. until at least Sunday around lunch. My buddy Dan is most likely going to have the best time with Cocoa looking like a prime set-up for a couple days of chest to overhead. Thursday looks to be a bear should the winds play nice. Smyrna won’t disappoint either. All in all, Earl is lighting up Florida with some solid waves from late Wednesday through Sunday afternoon.

Have fun everyone. Bastards.

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