SOMA AirBag makes surf travel safe again.

The Soma AirBag is changing surf travel

Baggage handlers everywhere are pissed.

I don’t love to fly. Not because I’m afraid of drunk pilots, terrorists or fat rowmates (although all solid reasons) but primarily because of how f&%@king miserable most airline employees treat customers. Today, if I can’t fly Southwest, I drive. California? Yeah, I would do it. Like I said, F the airline industry.

Any company that is paid to deliver things that belong to you should at least assume some level of responsibility for their well being. Nope, not the airlines. They’ve managed to weasel their way out of paying for just about any form of damage, no matter how egregious. Your only chance for restitution is to make a clever YouTube video for some low-level morning show producer hired to make their host appear “in-touch” to stumble upon.

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Talk about a rough run with nature

Rick Oliver survived a bear attack and being struck by lightening.

You could be walking lucky all day and not even know it.

Even though he’s just over 50, Rick Oliver of North Carolina has lived through two of the most rare occurrences one can experience in nature. Four years ago he was struck by lightening, the impact of which often affects his ability to sleep through the night. Thus, he often does work around his farm outside of Raleigh while he’s not sleeping. Well, despite his rather urban surroundings, he managed to cross paths with a roaming bruin, which he describes as more of an accidental collision than an actual attack. Nevertheless, he made contact with a bear and has the scars to prove it.

Read more about Rick’s made-for-reality-TV story here.

Our role in the ocean

There's more where this came from.

Sound insight. Dan Colburn writes again.

We’ve all seen oceanic wildlife while out for a surf; dolphins peeking up at you as they cruise by or turtles bobbing like corks as they grab a gulp of fresh air before lumbering back down to the depths.  Pelicans sail by, inches above the water, giving you the stink eye for ruining their wave.

These are the true mariners … not us. They were here long before we were and they have every right to claim ownership of the ocean we seem to think is ours and ours alone.

We launch our carbon spewing watercrafts into it. We build our homes and businesses along its shores, encroaching closer and closer on their fragile habitats. In some countries we (as a race) are even continuing to hunt whales and slaughter dolphin.

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