Joe Riis beautifully captures rarity in wildlife. With camera traps

Glacier Camera Trap Video from NPCA on Vimeo.

Young, innovative and conservation-minded, wildlife photographer and biologist Joe Riis is bringing rare moments of animal life to the public in the name of science. He uses carefully placed camera traps to record the travel habits and behavior of animals at their most real moments: when we’re not around.

While camera traps have been used for a very long time, Riis is placing them in conjunction with long-term wildlife studies. The results have been nothing less than stunning. His Grand Teton pronghorn migration study intricately captured on digital one of the largest migrations in the world. National Parks magazine features him this month and I highly recommend visiting his personal Web site as well to see some great candids of big horns, mountain goats, pronghorns and some rather large bruins.

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