OBX Dawn Patrol

Come early for the best parking

Gemma on Dawn Patrol. Come early for the best parking.

We spent Memorial Day weekend in the Outer Banks, Ocracoke Island to be specific. As is typical with a holiday weekend at the beach, somehow garbage cans become the most mechanically complex public disposal unit invented to date and as a result, go largely ignored. And, not unlike an amusement park featuring a number of water attractions, people develop a superhuman ability to fit into clothing normally designed to clean in between teeth. Fit, upon further consideration, is really being misused. But I digress.

What’s great about the Outer Banks is that the vast nature of the coastal sands provides more than enough opportunity for solitude, which I found Sunday morning at around 6:30. And in the midst of what was mostly a couple days of waist-high slop, I managed to find a break in the wind and a bar that worked in unison to create a number of waist to chest sets with clean-enough faces to provide a solid hour of the best session in surfing. And not another person for at least half a mile.

More on bad breakfasts and other backcountry meal tips

Improper placement of bear hang

Count the things you see wrong in this picture. Hint: there's only one.

Okay, so in our last installment I mentioned some seriously mangled pancakes and the complications of cooking with cheap liquor.

(Mangled pancakes sounds like the name of a bad rock group’s album.)

Nevertheless, I’m full of some great meal tips for your next foray into the forest.

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ReviewSurfboards.com brings the beta to boards

I stumbled across a great Web site today that I think most surfers would find really cool, and pretty helpful too.

www.reviewsurfboards.com has great lowdown on tons of well-known board brands and shapes and even encapsulates the history of some of the lines that have influenced shaping over the decades, like the Weber Performer and Harbour Banana.

The site also profiles an extensive list of national surf shops, like Bruce’s Surf & Skate in Wasilla, AK and 58 Boards down in Emerald Isle, NC.

Anyway, give it a look. It’s worth a few minutes.