Who says the midwest has nothing to offer mountain bikers?

Should the Browns continue their lackluster performance, you can always spend your Cleveland winters hardtailing at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park.

While it’s been open for a while, this is the first I’ve heard of it and dammit, I want to go. CNN had this to say about it, which talks about Ray’s drive as an entrepreneur in the context of our struggling economy. (What? You don’t read the news?)

I could see this idea taking off in warehouses across the country as a great alternative to rain-closed trails and cities with less than an open-mind about mountain biking. Vertical Urge, a board shop here in the Triangle area of Raleigh, squeezed a sweet little vert park, called Project 58, into the back-end of a retail storefront.

While few things beat a screaming, rutty downhill bordered by limb-snapping oaks, there is something to be said about what this guy Ray has built in a town not exactly renowned for its outdoor pursuits.

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