Things not worth running for

Port-a-Johns at the Big Sur marathon

No line! Hurry, it's almost gun time.

As much as I love beer, I don’t want it after 26.2 miles. I sweat like a hyperactive hog in a wetsuit, so the slightest insertion of alcohol into my bloodstream after a marathon would jolt me into drunkenness before they could pull my bib tag.

My buddy just ran the Big Sur marathon and tweeted a rather disturbing list of things spotted, served and experienced at races around the country. Some people should just stay at home.

2 thoughts on “Things not worth running for

  1. Well, I just completed the La Jolla 1/2 Marathon last Sunday and the only thing that got me through (other than the fact that the best looking women in San Diego partake), was the free beer garden. See you next April La Jolla 1/2!

  2. Yeah, there are a number of ancillary benefits to warm weather marathons. Sounds like you discovered one of the best.

    Truthfully, as I grow older, the desire to simply “accomplish” may outweigh the ability to “compete.” Thus, I may find myself more attracted to some liquid barley post race. I can understand the appeal.

    Congrats on the finish. Thanks for reading.

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