The big one goes today

Boston Marathon Finish Line

It all ends here.

The Boston Marathon is today. The conditions are ideal for a record run. Partly cloudy, low 40s. Awesome.

You can watch the race online.

The first athletes take off at 9:00 a.m. followed in waves every few minutes until 10:30, when wave 2 heads out to complete the start. Elite Women and Men cross the start at 9:32 and 10:00, respectively.

I’ve never run the Boston marathon but it does remain one of those outside goals that I haven’t quite assigned a priority. A recent injury that I haven’t taken too much time to repair limits my distance to about 10 miles. So I’ve backed down to half-marathons and trail runs of obscure distances like 9 or 14 miles, usually running miles 8 through finish with little knowledge of the whereabouts of my hamstrings. Truthfully, I’ve stayed pretty content at these distances for a couple of years now. Although I admit, it’s probably time to call the physical therapist.

Anyway, for me, there are few moments more emotional than watching first time marathoners cross the finish line. Seriously, it’s pretty incredible to be a part of a personal celebration of months of morning runs, blistered toes, chafed skin, IT band pain and time away from family.

If there’s a race in your town I highly suggest heading down to the finish to watch the magic.

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